Do I receive a discount for filling my swimming pool?

No not for the water, however if you live in an area that has a sanitary sewer system you should check with the sewer company to see if they will not charge you for sewer for the water amount that it took to fill your pool.

I had a leak and have a high water bill can I receive a leak adjustment?

No but we will work with you and set up a payment plan. Just call the office and explain what has happened and we will be happy to work with you.

I am buying/renting John Doe's house how do I transfer service into my name?

Click on the form tab and fill out the New Customer Information sheet and the Users Agreement form . Mail in a check, or call in a credit or debit card for $100.00.After we receive these items service will be turned on within two working days. Remember to make sure all faucets are off in the house before this occurs.

I am building a new house and I am unable to come in the office to sign up for new service, can I do this by mail?

Yes, within the website are the forms you need to fill in. Just click on the form tab, the form titled Application for New Service and the Users Agreement form and pay the required fees. If the new service is across the road from our water main we will need a copy of your recorded deed to prepare an easement that allows us to dig on your property. Also, be sure to mark the area in front of you property with a flag or stake marked water meter location so our field personnel can review the area prior to starting the work.

How long does it take to install a new service at my new house?

It may take as long as 4 to 6 weeks even longer if road bore permits are necessary. Weather sometimes becomes a factor adding delay time.

I want to install a water softener but don't know what the hardness of the water is.

The hardness of our water is 18-20 gpg (grains per gallon)


1. Leaking toilet

The best way to check for a leaking toilet is to remove the cover from the tank in the back of the toilet and place a few drops of food coloring in the tank full of water. Without flushing the toilet wait several minutes and check the toilet bowl for indications of this colored water flowing into the bowl. If the water turns color this indicates a leak. Make necessary repairs and remember this leak is probably occurring 24/7.

2. Checking for a service line leak

First you must isolate the buried line for your indoor plumbing; you must close the main valve located in the basement, crawl space or utility room. This valve must close tight in order for this test to be successful. Go to the street or meter location remove the water meter lid (some of the meter pits may be full of water, this is normal as in clay soil conditions the pit holds surface water, rain water, etc.) dip out the water if necessary, so that you can see the meter. Some newer meters have a triangle which rotates more rapidly which indicates water moving through the meter. If your meter does not have this triangle then it will be necessary to note the location of the dial and the digits, keep record of these. After some time go back and recheck the dial and digit locations if they are exactly the same then the leak is not in the buried portion, if the meter has moved this indicates a leak. However not all leaks will come to the top of the ground.

If the test shows no leaks then reopen the shut off valve and run the same test again, if movement of the meter occurs then this indicates that the leak is in the indoor portion. When conducting this test always replace the meter cover lid in between steps to prevent from freezing from occurring, or from some one from accidentally stepping into the hole and getting hurt.

There may be more suggestions, so please call and ask we would be happy to help.